Unified Fitness Challenge
The Unified Fitness Challenge brings together students with and without intellectual disabilities in grades 3rd – 12th to engage in regular physical activity. Designed with flexibility in mind, the eight-week training program will increase students’ strength, flexibility and endurance and includes basic nutrition, social and emotional lessons. Free student equipment kits allow the Unified Fitness Challenge to be implemented at home or in school. Together, we can create stronger, healthier and more unified school communities through inclusive fitness, sports and educational programs.
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Click on Week 1 below. There you will find an outline of the lessons for that week as well as detailed PDF guides for easy virtual instruction. Each lesson focuses on two or three physical skills with two to three differentiated activities for each skill.

You can then assign individual activities to each student based on their skill level or assign the entire lesson to a student.
This is a supplemental resource providing adapted exercises for the Fitness Combine. The goal of the program is to provide Special Olympics Virginia athletes and partners with an eight-week training program that will increase strength, flexibility and overall physical performance that can be done at home or at a team practice.
This guide for schools was developed to support school-based implementation of Special Olympics Fitness programming encouraging students with and without intellectual disabilities to achieve optimal health and performance through adequate physical activity, nutrition, and hydration.
This document is not a curriculum, but rather a compilation of ideas and examples that teachers may use to bring the Unified Physical Education concept to their school.

Fit 5 is based on the three simple goals of exercising 5 days per week, eating 5 total fruits and vegetables per day and drinking 5 water bottles of water per day.
Introducing a whole new way to exercise, featuring WWE Superstar Becky Lynch. Work out with these videos five times a week to help you stay fit and reach your athletic goals. Watch them in order starting with Video 1. When you can do each exercise in a video correctly, it’s time to move on to the next one.
Eating right is important to your health and your sports performance. The body requires energy as you perform for endurance and to recover post-exercise.
This dynamic stretching video can be done every day whether you are at home or at practice so you perform at your highest level and avoid injuries during sports.
Here are 13 different dynamic stretches that target major muscles of the upper and lower body, and core.