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*updated January 23, 2024

Program Administrative Support Specialist

Purpose: To provide administrative support for the program staff, including logistics vital to enhancing the quality of state-level events, as well as other program components.

Duties and Responsibilities:
· Stewardship and general logistics coordination for competition events statewide, including but not limited to data entry, competition report generation, and on-site venue operations.
· Collaboration with SOVA staff for acquisition and contract fulfillment of vendors, as needed for events and maintenance of positive stewardship.
· Inventory and organization of event equipment and materials.
· Support for clerical needs of volunteer management, training, and registration of Event Day and Area volunteers for events.
· Support of housing and hotel administrative components for all state-level competitions.
· Collaboration with program staff for implementation of coach education, volunteer training, and education certification tracking, implementation of coach training, and volunteer training.
· Provide support for data and reporting projects for additional initiatives such as UCS and Fitness, as needed.

This position is Part-time/ 20 hours and non-exempt

Supervisor: VP of Sports, Health and Fitness