2020 Fall Fitness Combine
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The 2020 Fall Fitness Combine was designed with flexibility in mind. The goal of the program is to provide Special Olympics Virginia athletes and partners with an eight-week training program that will increase strength, flexibility, and overall physical performance that can be done at home, or at a team practice. Athletes will strive to demonstrate increased physical performance week over week with improved measurables for a variety of competitions.

Key Dates

Registration Deadline

Registration is now CLOSED for Fall Fitness Combine.

Week One Score Sheets Submitted

Week 1 score sheets need to be submitted to state registration.

Week Four Score Sheets Submitted

Week four score sheets submitted to state registration.

Week Eight Scores Submitted

Week eight (final score sheets) submitted to state registration

Virtual Awards Sent Out

Results and virtual awards sent to coaches (team) and athletes, parents, or caregivers (individual)
Fitness Combine Resources
Everything you need to know to participate in the Fitness Combine!
If you are competing as an individual, use this to keep track of your scores.
Coaches should keep track of their team's scores using this score sheet.
Watch these athletes participate in the Fitness Combine events and try the events yourself!
This division of the Fitness Combine is made up of community partners who support Special Olympics Virginia athletes all over the state! Teams will compete with their colleagues virtually.
Fans, our athletes need your support! Send in a picture to encourage our athletes.
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