Virginia Farm Bureau Celebrates Partnership by Volunteering at Summer Games 2024


"My favorite part was watching my daughter Logan who is 9 take part and interact with the athletes. I asked her what she thought of the experience on the way home and she said 'I loved it! It was amazing and I can’t wait to help out next year!'" - Ashley Thomas

In the heart of Virginia, a longstanding tradition of community support and partnership has flourished between Virginia Farm Bureau and Special Olympics Virginia. This year marked the 35th anniversary of their collaboration, and the spirit of camaraderie was palpable as Virginia Farm Bureau volunteers supported 60 tennis athletes competing at Summer Games.

In the spirit of inclusion and togetherness, many volunteers encouraged their children to volunteer alongside them; some were returning volunteers, while others were new to the experience, but already plan to return next year.

"Volunteering with Special Olympics is one of those opportunities that tends to bless the volunteers just as much, if not more, than the athletes themselves." - Brian Toney

This year, Virginia Farm Bureau announced a generous donation of $10,000 to support the Games and its participants, pushing their total support to more than $425,000. Throughout the day, individuals from Virginia Farm Bureau volunteered as ball retrievers, linesman and at tennis skills at the Westhampton Tennis Courts at the University of Richmond. The air resonated with cheers and applause as athletes achieved personal bests, their efforts buoyed by spectators and volunteers' encouragement.