Ringing in 2024 at the Xperience Tennis Tournament in Charlottesville

The best Special Olympics tennis players in the country returned for the annual tennis invitational

Charlottesville, VA – The Boars Head Sports Club in Charlottesville was full of excitement for three days. It was the 16th Xperience Tennis Invitational and 26 athletes from 13 Special Olympics programs across North America came to vie for gold.

The Xperience By The Numbers
Different state programs represented
Local sponsors and supporters
Athletes participating

The invitational kicked off with a unified clinic, where athletes teamed up with members of the University of Virginia's men's and women's tennis teams. This unique interaction not only provided valuable learning experiences but also strengthened bonds between participants. The day concluded with our Opening Ceremony, setting the stage for competition.

The event culminated in exciting finals across various divisions. Here are the notable achievers who stood atop the podium:

Div. 4-A Results:

  • 1st Place: Sreyan Cheemakurthi - VA
  • 2nd Place: Meghan Hyer - MD
  • 3rd Place: Drew White - IL

Div. 3-B Results:

  • 1st Place: Wyatt Spalding - NE
  • 2nd Place: Matt Boerema - IL
  • 3rd Place: JD Hunda - NC

Div. 3-A Results:

  • 1st: Jay Choi from Virginia
  • 2nd: Josh McClellan from Illinois
  • 3rd: Mimi Ngo from Georgia
  • 4th: Kevin Olin from North Carolina

Div. 2-A Results:

  • 1st: Kevin Meade from Massachusetts
  • 2nd: Justin Dailey from Massachusetts
  • 3rd: Simon Caldwell from Missouri
  • 4th: Kara Diachenko from North Carolina

Div. 2-B Results:

  • 1st: Carson Vargas from North Carolina
  • 2nd: Glen Jones from Delaware
  • 3rd: Hailey Waggoner from Nebraska
  • 4th: Heidi Sand from California

Div. 1-B Results:

  • 1st: Julian English from Maryland
  • 2nd: Bobby Williams from Missouri
  • 3rd: Nick Brozek from Illinois
  • 4th: Chris Raupp from Virginia

Div. 1-A Results:

  • 1st: Nathan Williams from Iowa
  • 2nd: Brittany Tagliareni from Florida
  • 3rd: Jonathan Doring from Florida
  • 4th: Nathan Knepper from Colorado

This year’s event was presented and supported by Boar’s Head Sports Club with additional support from the BAMA Works Fund of the Dave Matthews Band in the Charlottesville Area Community Foundation, Terri Denton & the Denton Family Charitable Foundation, The Fried Family, NBC29, The Jonathan Fried Pro Challenger Tournament and many generous Charlottesville area supporters.