The 15th Annual Xperience

The best Special Olympics Tennis Players Come to Charlottesville for the Xperience

January 11th - We hosted the 15th Annual Xperience Tennis Invitational in Charlottesville this past week.

30 athletes from across the country came to Charlottesville to test their talents against the best in the country. Some came as far as California to compete for gold.

30 Athletes Competed
16 different states were represented from California to Virginia.

Among the athletes competing were 4 from Virginia. Jay Choi, who was competing for the first time in the Xperience, took home the silver medal in his division.

For Chris Raupp, a veteran of the event, he battled for second place in one of the top divisions.

Don Pericle, who had previously competed with California, took home the gold in his first tournament representing Virginia.

Michael Lozos, competing for his second year, took home gold as well!

To see photos from the event, click here.

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