Happy Thanksgiving from Special Olympics Virginia

A letter from Special Olympics Virginia President Rick Jeffrey

Hello Special Olympics Virginia Community,

The challenges, realities and new normal that continued this year with the COVID-19 pandemic mean we’ve often had to search a little harder or a bit longer for the hopeful moments of 2021.

But for me and the entire team at Special Olympics, we’ve been lucky to have these bright spots in plain view. And it’s all thanks our community.

This Thanksgiving, I want to extend my sincere gratitude for what this community has made possible and share just a few reasons we are hopeful for the future:

  • Through new virtual workout programs like the Special Olympics Move Challenge, we’ve remained dedicated to helping athletes stay healthier and fitter with a chance to get better and win.
  • We have seen Special Olympics Virginia athlete Grace Anne Braxton win her second consecutive National Disabled Golf Championship in Phoenix, AZ.
  • We’ve started to announce the athletes, Unified partners and coaches who will participate in the 2022 Special Olympics USA Games in Orlando June 5-12.
  • We are having our Fall Championships Nov. 6-7; the first multi-day, overnight state championship event that we have since early March 2020.
  • We have added Special Olympics athlete and social media beast, Daniel Morales, to our SOVA workforce as the Digital Content Coordinator.

When I sit down for dinner with my family today I’ll be thinking of, and thankful for, these accomplishments and the athletes, parents, coaches, volunteers, healthcare professionals and supporters like your family who made them happen.

Best wishes to you and your loved ones this Thanksgiving.

Rick Jeffrey

Special Olympics Virginia President