Preschool and Elementary School Resources

Training together and playing together are quick paths to friendship and understanding. Unified Sports for preschool and elementary students help children reach critical motor skills milestones through developmentally appropriate sports activities.

Young Athletes

Through Young Athletes, children ages 2 - 7 and their families are welcomed into the world of Special Olympics. This eight-week curriculum develops motor skills like balance, flexibility, strength and coordination. Teachers also report improved confidence, language skills, concentration and social skills. Free equipment kits are available for schools.

Developmental Sports

Children ages 7 – 9 are likely ready for more advanced sports activities. This curriculum builds on the Young Athletes curriculum and provides age-appropriate sports activities for second and third grade students. Free equipment kits are available for schools.

Unified Fitness Challenge

The Unified Fitness Challenge brings together students with and without intellectual disabilities in grades 3rd – 12th to engage in regular physical activity. Designed with flexibility in mind, the eight-week training program will increase students’ strength, flexibility and endurance and includes basic nutrition, social and emotional lessons. Schools can order free student equipment kits for their students.

Feet Meets

“Feet Meets” are a way for preschool and elementary schools to engage students with and without intellectual disabilities. Students practice the sports stations at their schools for six - eight weeks in preparation for the culminating Feet Meet.
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