Zach Brown

Athlete, Swimming

Hometown: Hopewell

How long have you been involved with Special Olympics, and with which sports?
I have participated in SOVA about 19 years in swimming, soccer, and bowling. I also have carried the Olympic Torch for Chili Peppers Ball game and I lit the torch too.

What is the biggest problem/obstacle that you`ve overcome?
When I graduated from high school and finding a job I would love. After finding the great support and job coach I trained and I was hired as a Learn to Swim Coach at YMCA of Petersburg, VA teaching children how to swim.

What does attending the Special Olympics USA Games mean to you?
This is an awesome opportunity and I am very proud to swim at USA games to represent Virginia. I look forward to team building with our swimmers and coaches, to travel as a team, meet new expectations to win. Plus win.

What Makes you most proud?
To teach young children 5-8 years old and especially my nephew Hunter (8 years old) how to swim. My coaches encouraged me and supported me as a young swimmer and I am proud to give back and teach each one of my students.