Get Involved In Fitness

Elevate your fitness journey with Special Olympics Virginia. We offer three unique programs designed to inspire and unite. Embrace challenge, build lasting bonds and make a positive impact on your health and community.

Fitness Programs

Fitness Club

Fitness Clubs are workout groups for people with and without disabilities in a local community who meet together regularly. With an emphasis on relationship, accessibility and sustainability, Fitness Clubs use minimal equipment and follow a peer leadership model.

Walking Club

Walking Clubs are walking groups for people with and without disabilities in a local community. Walking Clubs are a perfect way to prioritize inclusive friendship while staying active!

Bring Fitness To Your Team

Bringing fitness to a team may sound redundant, as fitness can be a natural part of sports. However, sometimes prioritizing functional movements and exercise can get lost in the middle of a busy season. Let's change that with fitness-focused sports teams!

A Vision for Leadership

We believe that everyone in fitness - whether a volunteer or an athlete - is a peer leader. Programs encourage togetherness and not hierarchy, believing that everyone has an important role in encouraging, helping and holding each other accountable. Check out how all participants can be leaders.