Coaches Training Library

This updated version of the course still offers five modules covering the topics of Coaching Perspective and Approach, Team Management and Training, Athlete-Centered Coaching, Training Through Fitness and Nutrition, and Sports Safety and Risk Management.
Human Kinetics offers online courses for Special Olympics North America (SONA) coaches seeking level-one certification as well as for veteran coaches seeking continuing education.
This free one-hour long course is designed to explain Special Olympics Unified Sports and offer guidance on how to become a successful Unified Sports coach.
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The ultimate place to learn about volunteering for and coaching Special Olympics athletes. Courses offered include:
  • Intro to Intellectual Disabilities
  • Special Olympics Health
  • General Health Volunteering
  • Special Olympics Young Athletes Coaching
  • Coronavirus Outbreak
  • Return to Activities
  • Fitness for the Sport Coach
  • Fitness Coach
  • Inclusive Fitness
  • Global Youth Engagement 101
  • Sport: Coaching Level 1 Sport Assistant
  • Sport: Coaching Level 2 Coaching Assistant
  • Sport: Coaching Level 3 Coach
  • Sport: Special Olympics Unified Sports Coaching
  • Global Unified Teacher Training
  • Unified Champion Schools for Educators
  • Child and Vulnerable Adult Protection & Safeguarding