Samantha Bondurant

Athlete, Athletics

Hometown: Virginia Beach

How long have you been involved with Special Olympics, and with which sports?
I began participating in Special Olympics in 2019. I currently participate in track and field but plan on trying new sports soon.

What Makes You Most Proud?
I am most proud when I know I have worked hard to achieve my goals. Hearing my coaches, family, and friends cheering me on from the sidelines is a terrific feeling.

What is the biggest problem/obstacle that you`ve had to overcome?
One problem I had is one many others have had to deal with. I was bullied at school. Luckily with the help from my mom, good teachers and an administrator, and great friends I was able to feel safe and comfortable. The person that bullied me and I learned to respect and understand each other. I learned that a little bit of kindness goes a long way.

What does attending The Special Olympics USA Games mean to you?
Being selected to represent Virginia at the USA Games means that all my hard work and training has paid off. I'm looking forward to representing Virginia well and excited to travel and meet new people with common interests.