Tracking Miles During the Virtual Torch Run

We cant wait to cover #1900FORSOVA. We'll be tracking our miles on a app called Strava. Are you new to Strava? Don't worry, we've got you covered.

Just follow the steps below to learn how to download the app and join our group and track your miles.


Getting Started

  1. Download Strava from the AppStore or Google Play Store
  2. Choose to sign up through Facebook, Google, Apple or Email
  3. Click “Explore” in the bottom left corner
  4. Search for “Special Olympics Virginia”
  5. Request to join the club
  6. You can access the club at any time by clicking “Profile” in the bottom right corner

Click here for a .pdf of the instructions

Getting Started on Strava - Desktop

Starting a Workout in Strava

  1. Click “Record” in the center on the bottom
  2. Start your walk/bike/run
  3. Once finished, hit the stop bottom and then “Finish”
  4. Add any details or pictures of your workout
  5. Hit “Save Activity”

Click here for a .pdf of the instructions

How to Strava on Your Phone

Manually Recording A Workout in Strava

  1. Click on "Feed" in the bottom left corner, then hit the plus sign in the top left corner
  2. Choose the "Manual Activity" option on the far right
  3. Enter the details of your walk/bike/run during the week ofJune 8-13. You can even share photos of you in your LETR gear!
  4. Hit “Save Activity.” It will then be saved to your profile and in the SOVA run club under “Activities”
Manually Track Your Miles