Summer Series Partner Spotlight: Virginia Relay

Special Olympics Virginia is excited to again partner with Virginia Relay.

Special Olympics Virginia believes in inclusion for all, both on and off the playing field and we are ecstatic to partner with an organization that strives for the same.

Through Virginia Relay, people who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing, DeafBlind or have a difficulty speaking can be included through telecommunications. Virginia Relay is a free public service that offers the following solutions:

  • Multiple Calling Options for those who have difficulty using a standard telephone, including TTY (text telephone), Voice Carry-Over, Speech-To- Speech, Spanish Relay, and more.
  • Captioned Telephone Service, designed for people who have difficulty hearing, uses the latest in voice recognition software to display captions of telephone conversations on the captioned telephone’s screen.
  • Specialized Telecommunication Equipment for qualified Virginia residents, including all veterans, through the Virginia Department for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing’s Technology Assistance Program (TAP).

If you’re interested in learning more about Virginia Relay, visit or call 866-894-4116 (voice) 866-246-9300 (TTY)

Together Special Olympics Virginia and Virginia Relay will work to create a world filled with uncompromised inclusion in school, employment, healthcare, social activities and sports!