Everything Is Going to be OK

Michele Philip has a message for her fellow athletes.

My dear SO athletes,

Hello! How’s everyone doing?

I’m Michelle Philip and I would like to share with you my lockdown experiences. When the COVID-19 lockdown started mid-March, I felt confused and worried. I couldn’t do the things which I normally do. I missed all the SO activities like swimming, bowling, gymnastics, cheer. Every year I look forward to the state games and this year I missed it. It seemed there was no end.

During this lockdown, I started to do yoga with some friends from school through Zoom. We also have virtual SO friends hangout every week where we play games and I guide them through some yoga poses. I help my Mom around the house. I read every day and draw pictures and share them with my friends. I swim a couple of times during a week and go for walks or ride the bike. I have a virtual lunch with my friends. It is so much fun.

I would like you to know that everything is going to be OK. Today everything seems to be scary in the world, especially with no school or eating out or sporting event. I need you to know however that things will start to look up. Stay safe, stay healthy, and be of good cheer.

Michelle Philip