Everyone Needs A David

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David Sutton is thankful. He's thankful for the opportunity to play a game that he loves and he's especially thankful for a community who supports him - and he's not afraid to let people know this.

"Without my family and the people who support me, I wouldn't be here doing any of this. They put me in a position to be successful and I owe them everything.”

But for all the praise David gives the people closest to him, everyone around him agrees that having David in their life is the true gift.

Jim Boyd, who David now calls "Dad," is one of those people. After David lost both his parents, Jim stepped up to help David with his finances, schedule and general life responsibilities. But Jim, who has two children with intellectual disabilities, will tell you he’s really the one who benefits from having David around.

"He's really just been a light to everyone.""David has helped our family out in more ways than he realizes. Especially with our two boys, they really look up to him and he’s really just been a light to everyone.”

For David’s coach, Ann-Marie Cochrane, what stands out is David’s concern for his fellow man. “He’s just a really caring soul and it’s genuine. He’s brought much joy and happiness to my life.”


David poses with Ann-Marie Cochran and Jim Boyd

David admits that things haven’t always come easy to him but as he presses on with Special Olympics and life, he adds that he wouldn’t change a thing.

“For me to be doing what I’m doing now, it’s amazing and it still just seems like it’s only the tip of the iceberg of what’s to come.”