Everybody Needs a SHEETZ!

Sheetz is providing support to our athletes this Winter.

Providing kicked-up convenience is not enough for Sheetz, family owned convenience store chain based in Altoona, Pennsylvania and longtime supporter of Special Olympics. Sheetz strives to be more than just a convenience store. With their commitment to the community and Special Olympics athletes, we believe they are much more.

During a 2020 fundraising initiative, customers visiting Sheetz stores across Virginia were asked to give spare change, add a donation, or round up their transaction to the nearest dollar at the register. The campaign raised over $91,000 for Special Olympics Virginia, which will help us to keep our programs active in 2021 and beyond.

"As we celebrate our Special Olympics athletes, our program, and our great and loyal partners, we are proud that SHEETZ is by our side,” said Rick Jeffrey, president of Special Olympics Virginia. “Our Special Olympics athletes knew social distance and isolation way before the pandemic taught it to all of us.  Our athletes were able to find a community that values them.  That community is Special Olympics; a community which SHEETZ has helped nurture and grow.  Thanks to SHEETZ and all of its wonderful customers for leading the charge for meaningful inclusion on and off the playing field for the athletes of Special Olympics Virginia.”

In addition to in-store fundraising, Sheetz employees are constantly out serving in the communities where their stores are located, which often includes Special Olympics competitions. Sheetz typically provides lunches and snacks for our athletes at events throughout the year. In 2020, when Special Olympics Virginia was unable to host in-person events, Sheetz quickly shifted their in-kind donation from food to Personal Protective Equipment for our athletes, which included dozens of hand sanitizers and masks.

“Special Olympics does so much great work in the communities that our store locations call home,” said Sheetz Public Relations Manager Nick Ruffner.  “That’s why it was so important, even though athletes aren’t participating in events due to COVID-19, to do whatever we could to help them during this challenging time.  We look forward to seeing athletes get back to what they do best!”

During this year’s Winter Fitness Combine, which kicked off last week and runs through early April, we will highlight outstanding athletes, volunteers, and coaches each week for their commitment to fitness and reward them with a Sheetz gift card. Sheetz provided $5,000 worth of gift cards to Special Olympics Virginia to support this initiative.

Between fundraising, volunteering, cheering, and giving, we can count on Sheetz to be there for us, no matter the circumstances. On behalf of our nearly 23,000 athletes in Virginia, thank you Sheetz for all that you do!