A Thanksgiving Message

 Thanksgiving is a time of reflection: of looking back, taking stock and finding grace and appreciation in our lives. 

So today, as I look back on this past year, I’m thinking about what a tremendous year it’s been for Special Olympics Virginia. I’m thinking about our shared belief in the dignity of every human being, and the undeniable power of inclusion. And I’m thinking about how all of us, from athletes and coaches to fans and volunteers, have helped spread these beliefs far and wide — this year, and every year.  

No doubt, there have been challenges along the way. Yet the last 12 months have also brought us so many bright spots. So many moments of joy. So much tangible, real progress toward our vision of a more inclusive world. And it's all thanks to people like you.

More and more, our society isn't just talking about Inclusion — it's taking action to build the world we want to see:

You see it in the grit and determination of athletes like Robert Harris, who took his first-ever flight to the USA Games in Orlando and brought home four silver medals in powerlifting.

And you see it in the way that person after person, all across Virginia and beyond, did whatever they could to keep our movement running in the midst of challenges and struggle. Yes, I'm talking about YOU, and anyone else who gave their time or their treasure or just their love and support to making ours a fairer, more joyful, more inclusive world

Today, when I sit down with my family, I'll be thinking about all of this. I'll be thinking about how grateful I am for the athletes, the families, the volunteers, the donors, the healthcare professionals, the coaches — and people like you who make our movement possible. 

With my best wishes for a joyous Thanksgiving,

David Thomason, Special Olympics Virginia President