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A Message for Graduates

Athlete, Global Messenger, advocate and college student Alex Burns has a message for everyone in the Special Olympics community that are graduating during this difficult time. Even if you're not graduating, Alex's message is well worth a listen and will likely leave an impact on you.

Here are our favorite quotes from some of Alex's speech:
  • "We have adapted to a world rushed and loud and in constant motion. We have adapted to technologies that are constantly being worked and reinvented, then we worked again. But we will not be invisible. We will be seen and we will be recognized."
  • "Take calculated risks and make mistakes. Then learn from and when things get tough. And they will."
  • "For now, be present. Take the time to breathe and look around."
  • "Don't fear the gray sky broken with storms of wind and rain and cold. Each season plays a role and we will be ready for whatever comes."