Leonard Wedge

Coach, Soccer

Hometown: Roanoke

How has Special Olympics changed your life? Special Olympics has made my life so much richer. The athletes are pure joy in a bottle. It takes only a split second to see through their disabilities and realize their real abilities and to see the pure human being inside. They are the most dedicated and loving people in my life. Special Olympics has also allowed me to meet and become close friends with some of the most amazing people ever - the other coaches and volunteers. They all share a very real common goal of making the lives of the athletes just a little bit better.

Who do yo admire the most? I admire our local Special Olympics area coordinator. He goes over and above to make sure we include as many as we can in as many events as we can. He provides rides to practices every week when needed, donates money and supplies when needed to make it the best and safest experience for all of the athletes.

What does attending the USA Games mean to you?
It means the world to all the athletes. I am most looking forward to seeing the joy on the faces of the athletes as they experience a week dedicated to them. I look forward to watching them compete and push themselves beyond their norm.

How are you preparing for the USA Games?
We just came off the fall season but we will resume practice sessions in the early spring. We will give them nutrition and fitness recommendations to better prepare them for a weeks worth of competition