Jerry Holy

Athlete, Swimming

Hometown: Woodbridge

How long have you been with Special Olympics, and with which sports?
25 years with two years prior of doing an obstacle course. I have competed in soccer, Basketball, Swimming, Track and Field, Floor Hockey, Bowling, Bocce, and Flag Football. I am also a Global Messenger and a member of Special Olympics Northern Virginia Young Professional Board.

How has Special Olympics changed your life?
Special Olympics changed my life by helping me come out of my shy and quiet shell. I was able to make friends. I have become more sociable because of Special Olympics.

What does attending the USA games mean to you?
Competing on the biggest stage of my life and giving it my all in the pool in front of my family and supporters. Reconnecting with old friends and making new friends while competing at USA Games. Making memories that will last a lifetime.

Who do you admire the most?
My family because they are my biggest fans and supporters. They also pushed me to become a better person. My friends and coworkers because like my family, they are some of my biggest fans and supporters as well. Lastly, Michael Phelps and Rebecca Soni because they are Olympic swimmers but they also shared a few commonalities with me. Phelps with ADHD and finding a way to gather my focus. Soni with being a breaststroke specialist and wanting to give back to others through mentoring and supporting.