Inclusion, Diversity, Equity Team's Goals

Outlining a Path Forward

Our goals are to provide opportunities for education for staff and volunteers to help change paradigms and overcome latent biases.

We will monitor and continue to improve organizational imaging/branding to ensure inclusive representation of all stakeholders.

Additionally, we will work with stakeholders to expand the diversity of leadership at all levels of SOVA.

"As a trailblazing program, our commitment to inclusivity transcends competition. Our board ensures all—athletes, volunteers, stakeholders—are part of the same team. We don't just live the Special Olympics mission, we elevate it by setting equity standards. Our belief is in proactive education and nurturing understanding."
Veronica Jennings, Co-Chair of Inclusion, Diversity, Equity Board

Stories Centered around Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity

While we believe that each of our stories showcases inclusion, diversity, and equity, we consciously centered our narratives around IDE in these stories.

A Lifelong Bond: Wilson and Wallace Chua

Wilson and Wallace Chua are heading to Virginia Beach for the 2022 Fall Championships.
2 Min Read

Athlete Profile | Tim Nash

Tim Nash, an athlete from Virginia Beach, is deaf. He's also the unquestioned leader of his team whose presence on the court is contagious.
1 Min Read

United By Strength: A Journey of Friendship through Fitness

Shayla and Jenn have formed a bond through their weekly meetings.
1 Min Read