Building Financial Security & Independence with ABLEnow

Special Olympics Virginia is teaming up with ABLEnow to offer a better quality of life for people with intellectual disabilities in Virginia

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More independence, greater financial security and a better quality of life – that’s the future ABLEnow is building. Individuals with disabilities can save for today’s needs or invest for tomorrow in a tax-advantaged ABLEnow account.

ABLEnow accounts help individuals with disabilities save money to pay for qualified disability expenses, without being taxed on the earnings – and in most cases, without losing eligibility for certain means-tested benefit programs. Although these accounts are available nationwide, ABLEnow is the Virginia-sponsored ABLE program so there are unique advantages for Virginians

ABLEnow is committed to the independence and opportunity of Virginians with intellectual disabilities, which is why it will continue to support the important work of Special Olympics Virginia through an impact investment in 2021-2022.

ABLEnow will work with Special Olympics Virginia’s Global Messengers throughout the year to serve as “brand ambassadors”- sharing information about ABLEnow accounts with their fellow athletes and families through website news stories, social media content, and “live” webinars where athletes and advocates can ask ABLEnow representatives questions about the savings accounts.

Through this partnership, Special Olympics Virginia will receive critical support to continue offering life-changing programs, while also encouraging participants to consider their financial health with an ABLEnow savings account.

Stay tuned to learn more about saving with ABLEnow from Special Olympics Virginia’s GMs! Learn more and open an ABLEnow account at

Meet the Ambassadors
Alex Burns
Chelsea Gaughran
Kyler Reese
Emily Bower
Emily Bower
Joey Wheeler
Joey Wheeler