Whole School Engagement

An inclusive youth leadership team plans and executes awareness and education activities that promote inclusion and reach the majority of the school population. These activities engage all students in creating a socially inclusive school climate.
Whole School Engagement

  • Whole School Engagement and Fundraising
    There are a number of different ways to get the whole school involved and raise funds for your school. See some examples below:
    The Choose to Include campaign reminds students that when we give others the chance to fulfill their dreams, everyone wins. Take the pledge and Choose to Include.
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    Spread the Word gives community leaders around the world the tools needed to create socially inclusive places to learn, work, and live. Join the movement and make your pledge for inclusion today.
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Celebrate differences by sharing age-appropriate videos promoting inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities.
Empower your students to become agents of change. By including one another we will create a more Unified world.
Bring Special Olympics to your classroom! These fun engaging activities highlight inclusion and are made for all grade levels. Access all lessons, social media activities and videos via Google Drive or Dropbox.
Elementary Schools should use this resource to implement and learn how they can engage their entire school in Unified Champion Schools.
Explore social emotional learning topics through books and activities geared for preschool and elementary children.
The Unifed Young Readers Club provides safe, structured ways for students to explore differences and similarities, and work to become more understanding, inclusive, and caring friends.
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