Collaborative Fundraising

An important element of Unified Champion Schools is fundraising to ensure growth and sustainability of your school's programs. We invite you to partner with us in this initiative to raise funds for your school and for Special Olympics Virginia.

Give back, Get Back
50% of the funds raised can be kept by your school; the other 50% are used by Special Olympics Virginia to support more than 25,000 athletes and fund programming in schools.
Fundraising Opportunities
We have a number of great fundraising event opportunities. Use the resources already available and get your school involved today.
Cool School is back, but with a pandemic-penguin-Plunge-twist!
Unite students with and without intellectual disabilities and celebrate your fundraising success at a “Feet Meet.”
Bus Pull (Coming Soon)
Students (and faculty!) team up, fundraise, and compete in a tug-of-war match against a school bus. The team that can pull the bus across a set distance in the fastest time wins!
Looking for more information? Here are additional details about the revenue share guidelines.