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Amy Hill

Coach, Athletics

Hometown: Palmyra

How many years have you been with Special Olympics, and with which sports?
This is my first year in Special Olympics, but I have been enjoying the bowling and track events, as working with this group is the BEST!

How has Special Olympics changed your life?
Special Olympics has shown me a new side of sports and a new, brighter side of my athletes. I love seeing them shine in something so fun!

What makes you most proud?
I feel most proud when I can see the difference I make in others. Whenever we strive to be the best of ourselves, I believe it can spread that drive to inspire others.

How are you preparing for the USA Games? Our students prepare almost daily at school in their athletics and sportsmanship. If they take anything beyond this experience, I would want it to be a love for trying new things, supporting others, and being the best they can be.