Southwest VA Plane Pull

Event Information

Everything you need to know before takeoff!

Teams should arrive to Gate 20A (located along the closed Cargo Road) at least one hour before your scheduled pull time window. If you do not know your pull time window, please reach out to your team captain. Make sure that your entire team gathers in one area before arriving at team check in. Please remember, you have a pull window and your team can pull any time in/around that window based on arrival time. We appreciate your patience!

The 2024 event will take place in the cargo area of Roanoke-Blacksburg Regional Airport (1410 Coulter Road NW, Roanoke, VA 24012 and all teams will enter the event in this area.

Team members and volunteers should plan on arriving at the airport and following signs for "Event Parking" which will lead to a FREE parking lot. Volunteers will also be on-site to guide participants. The parking lot is within walking distance of event area and Gate 20A Access. Should this parking area fill, there are options for overflow parking in close proximity as well.

Here’s what to expect for the first ever Southwest Virginia Plane Pull. The pulling area will be in the secure airport cargo apron on the tarmac adjacent to the active runway and taxiway. The participant waiting and spectator areas, which will include restrooms, food trucks, hospitality tent, and other activities, will be located on the closed Cargo Road between Aviation Drive NW and Airport Road NW. Participants and spectators will be able to view plane pull activities through the fence. Seating may be available and spectators may bring chairs for use on the Access Road.

Event Schedule Coming Soon

Teams should find a gathering spot in the parking area or outside of the fence on the closed Cargo Road to meet up prior to arriving at team check in at Gate 20A. Please reach out to your team captain for specific plans. Some teams have had the PLANE amazing idea of making a fun and noticeable team signs to hold up to get everyone's attention. Please note, while signs are okay, balloons are not.

If there are members of your team that have not yet registered, please let them know that they MUST register for your team at to check in. Anyone that neglects to do so will be required to register during the check in process which can delay your team’s pull.

Team check in will be located at Gate 20A as you enter the tarmac. Please gather as a team before arriving at the check in area. At team check in, each member MUST individually check in. At check-in, teams will have the opportunity to turn in all last-minute donations for your team’s fundraising efforts. If you are receiving team t-shirts, your team captain can pick them up at the incentives tent next to check in.

All incentives can be picked up at the incentives tent on-site at the event. Please note, hats and shirts are guaranteed for all teams that have reached the incentive levels. In the case of a shortage, all items will be mailed post-event.

Please note, bags are allowed in the event area, but only limited items are allowed on the tarmac. If possible, please use small or clear bags as this is helpful for security. Bags for child care or medical care purposes are ok.

Outside food and drink are allowed in the event space, however, there will be food options on site. Water is allowed inside the gate on the tarmac for those who are pulling the plane, in line to pull and in the spectator area. Please do not bring any food inside the gate onto the cargo apron. Thank you in advance.


Spectators & Team Can Bring:

  • A chair of your choosing for the spectator area
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat (or plan to wear your 2024 Plane Pull hat!)
  • Sunscreen
  • Appropriate clothing for the weather (it is a rain or shine event!)
  • Work/gardening gloves for pulling the plane as we will not have ones to share
  • Money to buy lunch, snacks, and drinks from our on-site vendors
  • Any extra cash/check donations to add to your team's total at check in

Items to Leave Home:

  • Animals (unless it is a certified service animal)
  • Firearms or weapons of any type unless you are a sworn officer in uniform
  • Any unnecessary items (if you don’t need it – don’t bring it as the parking lot is close by if you need to make a trip)


There will be a few food truck options on site. Details coming soon!

While teams will all be offered a beverage post pull, only top fundraising teams will be able to snack away in our Aviation Lounge.


Restrooms will be available on-site. They will be located on the closed Cargo Road in the event area. (See map)