United By Strength: A Journey of Friendship through Fitness

Shayla and Jenn have formed a bond through their weekly meetings.

Meet Shayla and Jenn.

They met last fall and began exercising together weekly.

Shayla, a long-time Special Olympics Virginia athlete, has loved connecting with a friend her age and improving her health.

Jenn, a long-time volunteer and the Richmond Special Olympics Virginia Young Professionals Board President is committed to investing in a relationship that has surpassed her expectations.

“It brings me so much joy. I truly don’t think anything makes me smile as much as when I see the happiness in her. It’s an out-of-body experience.”

Their bond, which has been forged through simple physical activities like walking or shooting hoops, matters.

Community connection, much like Jenn and Shayla's story, is something we believe in and is what has inspired the launch of our Vision for Fitness.

We believe relationships drive impact and are eager to support more relationships with new programs and resources now LIVE on the Special Olympics Virginia Fitness webpage!