Virtual Dulles Plane Pull

Virtual Plane Pull FAQ's

We know you have questions. We have answers.

Will the Dulles Day Festival and Plane Pull® occur in 2020?

Yes, but this year you can “pull” with us from the comforts of your own home for the first time! The event will occur virtually and over the week of October 12 from Monday - Friday (leading up to the event) with Saturday being an online celebration. Each team will be connected with a SOVA athlete coach to be motivated by and train unified with along the way.

*The festival portion of the event has been cancelled.

Will the Dulles Day Race on the Runway 5k/10k Occur in 2020?

Yes, but in a virtual format like the Plane Pull. Registration can be found HERE!

I was considering forming a team. Should I still do so now?

YES! While the event will not occur in person this year, the athletes of Special Olympics Virginia need to know that you are PULLING for them as the isolation that they often feel does not lift with the end of this current pandemic. We are encouraging all past and future teams to continue to register and participate in the virtual event as a show of support for the athletes of Special Olympics Virginia. It will be a fun, new kind of team building activity and as always, your donation will be helping to keep the hope alive in our athletes during this dark and uncertain time.

I’ve been an event volunteer in the past. How can I help this year?

Thank you for your past support! Our events are opportunities for people to come together for a wonderful cause, but unfortunately, that joining together can pose a risk to our athletes and communities. The welfare of the athletes we serve and the volunteers that make our programs possible is our top priority. That said, the best way to help the athletes of Special Olympics Virginia during this time is to consider forming a Plane Pull ® team or making a donation to the event HERE.

To all of our Plane Pull Pals; including any interested Vendors/Exhibitors, Spectators & More!

Thank you for your interest in attending this important annual fundraiser! We are excited to welcome you back to the in person event in 2021. The best way to support the event and the athletes of Special Olympics Virginia is to consider forming a team or make a donation to the event HERE.

Where are some places that my donation will go?

Did you know that Special Olympics Virginia has been providing health services for our athletes though the Healthy Athlete initiative for many years? This program has never been more essential than it is now as it helps our athlete’s access quality health care and promote the importance of equitable health services for all. Currently, Special Olympics Virginia is committed to finding innovative ways to support our athletes even when we can’t be with them physically during this crisis. Through virtual fitness, online programming and social media, we promise to keep doing our job and finding ways for our athletes and supporters to get involved. Your donation will help keep this essential program going during this time in addition to welcoming athletes back on to the playing field once we reopen our doors.