2024 Dulles Plane Pull

2021 Dulles Plane Pull Results

The official results for this year's Plane Pull

Trophy Winners

1st Place - Most Money Raised - Cisco
2nd Place - Most Money Raised - GDIT
3rd Place - Most Money Raised - Bechtel

1st Place - Fastest Pull - Chesapeake Sheriff's Office
2nd Place - Fastest Pull - Fairfax County Sheriff's Office
3rd Place - Fastest Pull - Cisco

Heaviest Team - Chesapeake Sheriff's Office
Lightest Team - Chantilly Pirates

Full Event Results


Team NameWeight (lbs.)
Chesapeake Sheriff's office 6,510 
Fairfax County PD 5,715 
Team Submarine 5,190 
USN Team Beast 5,120 
F45 Fairfax Farms 4,960 
Pull 3-2-1 4,720 
Cisco #1 4,700 
Team HIT and Run 4,690 
Fairfax County Sheriff's Office 4,600 
Special Olympics Area 26 4,400 
Team NIKA 4,375 
MTSI Team "Bravo" 4,370 
MTSI Team "Alpha" 4,370 
NASM Team #1 4,300 
NetServices 4,075 
WSP 4,060 
PLL Ques/ Omega PSI PHI 3,880 
GDIT 3,825 
United Airlines 3,690 
Octo Consulting 3,500 
KRUnified 3,500 
FEDEX 3,400 
CGI Federal - DHS Account 3,400 
Northwest Federal Credit Union 3,310 
Force Multipliers 3,180 
AMDOCS 3,100 
Bechtel 2,985 
Ramp Regulators 2,955 
Northrup Grumman 2,650 
Andy and the Jets 2,400 
JetBlue DMV 1,460 
Chantilly Pirates 1,400 
Booz Allen Hamiltonn/a

Competitive Pull Times

Team NameTime
Chesapeake Sheriff's Office5.93
Fairfax County Sheriff's Office6.74
Cisco #17.14
USN Team Beast7.35
Team Submarine7.37
Pull 3-2-17.73
United Airlines8.03
F45 Fairfax Farms8.16
Team NIKA8.82
Team HIT and Run9.91
MTSI Team "Bravo"10.31
JetBlue DMV10.49
Booz Allen Hamilton11.91
Chantilly Pirates23.26

Fun Pull Times

Team NameTime
Fairfax County PD6.4
Octo Consulting7.27
MTSI Team "Alpha"8.16
PLL Ques/ Omega PSI PHI8.42
Northrup Grumman8.67
Special Olympics Area 2610.03
Andy and the Jets10.06
CGI Federal - DHS Account10.14
NASM Team #110.4
Force Multipliers10.48
Ramp Regulators11.64
Northwest Federal Credit Union11.97