Torch Run Events

It's not all about lighting the torch. Our dedicated officers provide support through fundraising events all year round. From covering their cruisers to hosting golf tournaments, Virginia's finest are exactly that.

Wawa with the Law

Officers spend the day at their local Wawa store to collect donations and "cover their cruiser" with icons.
The best part is that their goose won't hiss at you!

Cops on the Coop

Next time you are in the Chick-Fil-A drive-thru, look up and you just might see a "Cop on the Coop." But then look back down again so you can see where you're going.

Golf Tournaments

Nothing eases the stress of a life in law enforcement than an afternoon on the greens. Well, maybe not nothing, but nothing as rewarding.

Hardee's Star Campaign

Each year, officers gather at their local Hardee's to collect donations and smiles while covering the restaurant in "stars." Let's be real, those biscuits are really the true stars.

Cover the Cruiser

How many 4x6 squares DOES it take to cover a cruiser?


Restaurant servers are amazing. However, they always seem extra polite with an officer by their side.
Be sure to tip well!