Champions Together: Special Olympics Virginia
In Virginia, the Champions Together high-school program fulfills the Unified Champion Schools requirements. Students compete on interscholastic track and field teams comprised of approximately equal numbers of students with and without intellectual disabilities; an inclusive student-led leadership team must organize an annual awareness event like “Choose to Include;” and schools may participate in collaborative fundraising events planned by Special Olympics Virginia to raise funds for their school.
Program Overview
Learn how Central High School in Woodstock, VA implemented an inclusive physical fitness program that is student-led and fun for all.
There are many ways to raise funds for your Champions Together team. Here are some ideas to get you started!
These FAQs share answers to commonly asked questions regarding the Champions Together start-up grants for high schools, including more details on the requirements that must be met to receive the grant funding.
This resource shares additional guidelines on how to form an interscholastic track & field team, to include the suggested competition format.
Once you're ready to host a Champions Together Track & Field event, you can find details about how to administer each track and field event here.
You can find resources online to help activate the Champions Together program in your school.
This one-page flyer summarizes the program and shares how to get started in your school.